Investors Wanting More Predictable Income and Returns Insulated From Market Swings, Viruses and Political Events (Not To Mention AVOIDABLE Risk & Worry) – Will All Be In Attendance and So Should You!

Who Is The Heartland Multi-Family Investment Summit For?

If you’re selected, you'll have an opportunity to take part in this event like no other on Friday March 24,  2023 from  9 am –  2 pm in Cedar Rapids, IA.  A Heartland Multi-Family Investment Summit & Property Tour LIVE AND IN PERSON!

More importantly, if you're serious about possibly doubling or even tripling the returns you are getting now on your money, creating income streams you can bank on year after year AND insulating your money from high risk, sleepless nights and FINALLY, having a relaxed sense of predictability. Attending the Multi-Family Investment Summit and Property Tour is without question the single most important investment decision you will have made up to now.

I’ll help you become an investor that doesn’t just have more predicable income and returns, but together, we will also create SUBSTANTIAL leaps in your net worth and income.

You won't just learn how to do it; I'll take you there personally, one step at a time.

I've been in the Multi-Family investing and ownership business over 30 years and have been involved in the ownership, sale and acquisition of over A BILLION DOLLARS in multi-family real estate. I know what I'm talking about and frankly, my experience is dwarfed by some of the multi-family property investments you’ll see on the tour and the COMPLETELY TRANSPARENT INVESTMENT information that you will also see LIVE on our Multi-Family Investment Summit and Property Tour On March 24, 2023 from 9 am - 2 pm!  I'll get to the details on this here in just a minute.

So here are the facts:

The Purpose Of The Summit: To help an investor like you create the kind of income and wealth (in surprising quantities) that has long been missing in your life. To learn what my fellow multi-family property investors, partners and I know. You’ll be able to use this information you learn from the Summit and Property Tour to make the best investment decisions you have made in possibly, your entire lifetime.

I don't care if you have experience or not. One of the hardest things for people to learn is that your success does not depend on you being an expert in anything, but just learning and implementing the information and access to certain kinds of multi-family properties that most people are not aware of. The big money is not in being a creative genius. It is in knowing what most investors don’t know and taking action on that.

Why Am I Hosting The Heartland Multi-Family Investment Summit and Property Tour Now?

Times Have Shifted...Times Have Changed.

We are now in a world of fake news, fake videos and fake images. It is truly hard to know, FOR SURE, if what you are seeing or reading is TRUE. In short, it’s hard to know what IS real anymore. Between doctored photos, doctored videos and internet hype, it is almost impossible for any investor to make an educated informed decision on what is the best direction for their future investments. In so many ways, technology allows the false to appear real, taking advantage of investors day in and day out.  PLUS WHAT DOES ONE BELIEVE IN TODAY'S WORLD?  Are rents still being paid?  Is Multi-Family STILL a good investment alternative??


Not fair to us, fair to our families or fair to those we care about. But, it is undeniably present and becoming more present in our lives. So, now is the time we do something about it.

What Investors Are Telling Me They Want…

I have investors, investors just like you, telling me all the time what they are looking for. Here is the short and condensed list that I know you will be able to relate to:

  1. Less Risk
  2. More Investment Performance Predictability
  3. Insulation from Outside Forces (Think Social, Economic, Viruses, Political)
  4. Insulation From Technology (Think theft of your information, computer hackers)
  5. Double Digit Returns and Income
  6. No Worries, No Sleepless Nights, No Drama, No Hassles
  7. Investors Want The Grounded Truth About REAL Opportunities To Grow Their Income and Wealth.

Multi-family communities that my partners and I are involved in owning here, in the Heartland, not only provide investors with what they want, related to the list above, but investors that participate in the Summit and Property Tour are the only ones that will ever know about these properties. What an investment advantage that is!

Having “first in line” access to the type of multi-family investments that most investors WISH they could own, but will never have the chance to, is an advantage like no other. 

Only 10 Serious Investors will be allowed to attend virtually by phone or computer:


The First 10 Investors Who Apply & Are Accepted,
Will Be Allowed To Attend Complimentary
(access fee normally $1,500)

The SEVENTH Multi-Family Investment Summit – Coming Soon!
(Enter your details in Part 1 and Part 2 below click on "coming soon" to sign up to the waiting list)

($1,500 Enrollment and Access Fee Waived If Your Application Is Accepted - No Fee To Apply. Apply Now (Click on "Coming Soon" To Reserve Your Spot!)
Only 10 investors will be accepted. Nothing will be sold at this event. Click On "Coming Soon" to register for the March 24, 2023 Event.

Why Attend The SEVENTH Heartland Multi-Family Investment Summit and Property Tour?

Darin Garman

The Heartland’s Most Trusted Multi-Family Investment Advisor and CEO of Heartland Investment Companies

It is time to get what you want from an investment that IS REAL. No BS, no smoke and mirrors, only the real deal!

You see we are now starting to see demand from more and more people wanting to rent our multi-family holdings, month after month, like never before. We are also seeing demand from investors wanting to own what we own here, in the Heartland, like we have not seen. The combination of unsurpassed demand from tenants wanting to rent our apartments (think long lines of residents applying to rent our apartments) AND unsurpassed demand from investors wanting to own our multi-family communities, means that investors that own multi-family communities will very likely have large double digit returns and income over the coming years.

See Real Properties On The Tour and Access Insider Information That No One Else Has Access To
Rarely, if ever, will someone pull the curtain back this much and show you how it all works.

You will see LIVE how I went from a prison guard of all things 30 years ago, to owning and giving investors like you, access to hundreds of millions of dollars in conservative multi-family real estate. How I continued to commit to building each year, year after year, providing me the experience to identify and own only the best multi-family communities for my investment partners and myself.

I’ll also show you why so many investors seek me out and in truth, why they seek out this information and these special kinds of multi-family community investments.

Why You Should Attend The Multi-Family Summit and Property Tour Now

More than likely, you are a particular kind of investor whose priorities are safety, low risk, with your money insulated from outside events like trade, politics and economic swings. You are probably wanting to “park” your money in a safe place that you know will grow to its fullest potential, every day, without any hassles.

More predictable income, more predictable returns, with no drama.  Yes! 


And believe me, this window for investors like you to use multi-family communities here in the Heartland will NOT be open forever, it is VITAL that you learn and understand this RIGHT NOW. Which is why you should literally drop everything, clear your calendar and apply to attend.

IT IS THAT IMPORTANT! Your financial world could depend on it.

Let me tell you right now that what I have been saying is FOR REAL. This is not just BS that has been crafted to tell a good story. My fellow investors and partners that have been with me for years, know this to be true.

Because I BELIEVE SO STRONGLY that the Heartland Investment Summit and Tour will be the best, most profitable single day you have ever experienced, I want to invite you and a guest to come to Cedar Rapids, to meet with me, attend the Summit AND take a real tour of the properties.

Here’s the opportunity I’m going to provide only 10 investors that sign up here on this web site...

- 2 nights FREE accommodation at the Cedar Rapids Hilton Doubletree, located in downtown Cedar Rapids the night before and the night of the Multi-Family Investment Summit and Property Tour (so you can stay over for your one-on-one complimentary strategy session with me the next day after the Multi-Family Investment Summit and Property Tour and fly out that afternoon or evening. If my schedule is already full when you contact us, then we will provide you a 3rd night for free, to schedule your consultation with me)

- Your $1,500 Entry Fee To Attend The Heartland Investment Summit and Tour fee waived (won’t cost you anything to attend to learn how to use multi-family real estate to achieve unconventional returns and income)

- A Complimentary NO OBLIGATION one-on-one strategy session with me the following week after the Investment Summit and Tour (pre-scheduled when you are accepted to attend)  to get all of your questions answered – my normal hourly consultation rate is $1,770/hr.)

Bring An Investor Colleague With You!

Do you have a spouse, investment partner or do you know another Investor (who is serious about investing in multi-family real estate) that would benefit from attending the Multi-Family Investment Summit and Property Tour with you?

If so, then I’m also prepared to give your ‘colleague’ EVERYTHING ABOVE – SAME AS YOU!  You can forward them the invite that I send you once you receive it! 

If you’re bringing your spouse or business partner with you on the SUMMIT AND PROPERTY TOUR, then we will have our NO OBLIGATION pre-scheduled private consultation session together the following week. If you’re bringing a fellow investor with you, who is not your business partner, then they would have a separately pre-scheduled session with me.

By the way…this is a genuine offer with absolutely no contingencies or strings attached. There is absolutely no sales offer at the end of Multi-Family Investment Summit and Property Tour, that’s my personal guarantee.  I very strongly believe in investing in people and under no circumstances will any offer be made to you at, or after Multi-Family Investment Summit and Property Tour.

If at some point you would like inquire about investing in multi-family with me or having me provide you consultation services for this, then it’s up to you to ask. There will be absolutely no sales pitch from me, so don’t expect it and don’t wait for it. How can I afford to do this you might ask?

Well, have you ever heard of the 80/20 principle?

Every time I hold an Investor Multi-Family Investment Summit and Property Tour, 20% of the attendees reach out to me afterwards for an opportunity to invest right alongside me in great apartment communities. I know my numbers, it is just a matter of whether you’ll be part of the 80% or 20%...and that will be your decision, not ours!!

Over the years I have learned that if I invest heavily, up-front, in high-quality attendees who are open to a new way of thinking about income and growing their net worth, the best of those folks, will naturally rise to the top.

Come watch, learn and absorb…this unique Investor Multi-Family Investment Summit and Property Tour and my Heartland of America approach to income and wealth EXPANSION, will absolutely change the way you look at investing forever!

Frankly, I may never offer this special opportunity again.You’ll need to contact our office asap (details below) if you want to take advantage of this one-time opportunity.

The SEVENTH Multi-Family Investment Summit – Coming Soon!
(Enter your details in Part 1 and Part 2 below click on "coming soon" to sign up to the waiting list)

($1,500 Enrollment and Access Fee Waived If Your Application Is Accepted - No Fee To Apply. Apply Now (Click on "Coming Soon" To Reserve Your Spot!)
Only 10 investors will be accepted. Nothing will be sold at this event. Click On "Coming Soon" to register for the March 24, 2023 Event.

What You'll Learn...

You'll leave with a highly customized "road map" of how to completely transform your investment world’s income and returns through the use of simple but powerful multi-family investment strategies, clarity on what the process is to achieve much higher income and higher returns, and access to investments that don't require you to place your money at great risk (or worry) to achieve consistently higher returns and income. Here's a more detailed outline of what I'll be covering at the Multi-Family Investment Summit:

Session 1.

How Multi-Family Investing In The Heartland of America Changes Investors Lives For The Better Like No Other Investment.

Today’s investment world is not fair to investors like you and me; especially when it comes to conventional market investing. In today’s world in order to achieve a greater return on your money you are literally faced with suffering daily (or even hourly!) investment roller coaster rides, stress or even panic attacks on top of possibly losing money. All of your hard work could be down the drain in hours. The sad thing is you see this happening to investments that are not even considered high risk!  Today it seems that even low risk investments could be dangerous.  

In today’s investment climate even the low risk investments can lose money and in addition cause a myriad of financial, personal and even health problems for investors and it’s not fair.

If that was not enough then you have your investment being affected by the bad economic news of the day, terrorism, inflation, bad social news, China, North Korea, politics, elections, global economic news, pandemics, currency, trade, etc. Too often investments are impacted by these outside events.. How many times has your investment taken a scary dive because of trade rumors, a terror attack, the federal reserve, politics or even social news? My guess is far, far too often.

But in Session 1 you will learn how you can have:

Larger, More Predictable Returns and Income Without Stress, Without Drama

No More Panic Attacks, Stress Or Worry Due To Daily Ups and Downs

An Always In Demand Investment For Capitalizing On Our Renter’s Society!

TOTAL INSULATION from Outside Forces Like Politics, Trade or Bad Economic News, Inflation - Frankly, You Will No Longer Care

Over the years hundreds of investors like you have used the information you will learn in Session 1 to easily create an investment life that so many would love to have. It’s not hard and it’s not complicated. Session 1 will be a HUGE EYE OPENER for you and give you the foundation to have a drastically improved investment world the minute you learn about it.

Session 2.

How To Quantum Leap Your Income and Returns With Skin In The Game  Heartland Multi-Family Mindset

I am going to give you an investment secret, right now, about how to know if you are in the right investment and it has to do with two simple words: SELLING and JOINING.

You see if I SELL you an investment do you think that I really care how well that investment does for you? Do you think I care about your stress, worry, sleepless nights as a result of SELLING you an investment six months or six years down the road?

Of course not!

You wake up every day nervous about the market, about the investment that you bought from me, but I am not worried because my SALES work is over.

But what if I JOINED you in the investment? What if I INVESTED MONEY RIGHT ALONG WITH YOU? Now how do you think I will be feeling about the investment? Now that I have my own SKIN IN THE GAME do you think I will be paying attention and doing what is necessary in order for OUR INVESTMENT TO SUCCEED?

You damn right I am!

And this is what we cover in Session 2. We cover Skin In The Game Investing and how you can use this and achieve what could be the best income and returns you have ever had because of this simple change in investment philosophy. In Session 2 I will introduce you to the mindset and its application which will lead you to cutting through the BS and making money AND BY APPLYING TO MULTI-FAMILY will probably be the best investment decision that you have ever made.

Be prepared to make surprising gains in your income and returns from your investing forever!

How to permanently “dial in” Skin In The Game Mindset  starting the day of the Summit

How to apply Skin In The Game Mindset  to current or even past investments

How to respond to peers, family and others who attempt to hold you back from Skin In The Game Mindset

How to EASILY choose which multi-family investments to apply Skin In The Game Mindset and which ones to avoid

Session 3.

How To Get The Biggest “Cash Flow” Of Your Life

When it comes to multi-family investing the words “cash flow” are no surprise. As a matter of fact if you would ask the average person on the street why would someone invest in multi-family a common answer you would get is because of “cash flow.”

But here, during our time together in Session 3 , you will be learning about a DIFFERENT KIND OF CASH FLOW and it will probably the biggest cash flow of your life!

During the Summit we will of course talk about cash flow in the general sense but here in Session 3 we will spend most of our time talking about the BIGGEST CASH FLOW – how to plan for it, how to keep track of it and finally how to get it. Contrary to popular belief you don’t worry about these big life changing cash flows right before you sell your multi-family properties. The process of getting these big cash flows starts much sooner and is a culmination of what you will have learned in the first two Sessions.

How to use the right low risk multi-family real estate to get the biggest cash flow of your life

Why boring contrarian investment thinking leads to life changing cash flows

How to make big life changing cash flows an ongoing part of your investment life

Why many investors receive their large cash flows income tax deferred and how you can too legally avoiding income taxes when you receive them

Session 4.

The Multi-Family Property Tour. See The Properties That Will Change Your Life That Few Know About Live and In Person.

Session 4 brings our first three Sessions together live and in person. You will see LIVE how investors like you apply all that they have learned. If you thought that Sessions 1, 2 and 3 would be super profitable just wait until you see what is in store for you during Session 4 – our multi-family property tour. The tour is not only the most fun part of the Summit it is the most profitable too. The tour is not only the true application of what you will have learned but also REAL LIVE PROOF of what is possible because those investors that own these properties are truly living what we cover in the Summit and it is right there for you to see and understand.

It is one thing to spend our time together at the Summit talking theory, talking “what if’s” and coming up with all sorts of profitable investment scenarios. But when you see the results live and in person it is something truly different.

I'm not going to hold back on this, I'm going to show you EVERYTHING.

See LIVE TOUR of the multi-family properties providing large incomes, life changing cash flows, investment insulation, investor protection and large, large returns

Behind the scenes you will be able to ask questions,  tour the living units themselves, common areas, neighborhoods and surroundings too

Take notes, pictures and video to take back with you

Expect the unexpected during the tour. You will see and experience things that will surprise you.

See FOR REAL what truly successful investors have discovered and keep coming back for and why multi-family is the bedrock of their financial futures.

The SEVENTH Multi-Family Investment Summit – Coming Soon!
(Enter your details in Part 1 and Part 2 below click on "coming soon" to sign up to the waiting list)

($1,500 Enrollment and Access Fee Waived If Your Application Is Accepted - No Fee To Apply. Apply Now (Click on "Coming Soon" To Reserve Your Spot!)
Only 10 investors will be accepted. Nothing will be sold at this event. Click On "Coming Soon" to register for the March 24, 2023 Event.

About Darin Garman

One Of The World's Most Sought After Investment Advisors...

Darin as guest speaker at Rod Khleif’s Muli-Family BOOTCAMP

Darin Garman is arguably the World's #1 Multi-Family Investment Advisor and the creator of Heartland Multi-Family Investing, a contrarian multi-family investment mindset and approach that overturns the notion of investing as we know it today. With thousands of subscribers and hundreds of investment partners from all over the U.S. and in five foreign countries, Heartland Multi-Family Investing is fast becoming the most successful Investment approach of our time. In a day and age where hot IPO’s and stock market roller coaster rides rule the day investors have found a home with Darin and his approach to investing.

Recent Multi-Family Summit Participants

Darin’s 6 books put trust AND results back into investing especially when it comes to multi-family communities. The painful and arduous "continually being chased by salespeople" process no longer has to happen to find that perfect investment. Darin is now one of the most sought-after multi-family authorities among major to medium-sized investors worldwide.

His most recent book "Renter Nation" has become an instant favorite among investors across the U.S. and around the globe

Darin has been interviewed on news networks and a guest on many podcasts related to investing. Darin is also a sought-after mentor for professional investors, business owners, entrepreneurs and advisors.

His personal insights on investing, owning and profiting from multi-family investments continue to break new ground in the industry.

The SEVENTH Multi-Family Investment Summit – Coming Soon!
(Enter your details in Part 1 and Part 2 below click on "coming soon" to sign up to the waiting list)

($1,500 Enrollment and Access Fee Waived If Your Application Is Accepted - No Fee To Apply. Apply Now (Click on "Coming Soon" To Reserve Your Spot!)
Only 10 investors will be accepted. Nothing will be sold at this event. Click On "Coming Soon" to register for the March 24, 2023 Event.

Multi-Family Investment Summit Q&A

What's different about the Heartland Multi-Family Investment Summit?

It's completely contrarian. No theories, no “what if’s”. Real information free of fluff, fakery and BS. I literally pull the curtain back so you can learn how to use multi-family real estate to not only insulate and protect your wealth and income but to consistently expand financially at levels that will surprise you. You will be among the elite few. It is the opposite of what you are probably used to experiencing when you attend events that you aren't intimately familiar with. There is no preaching, no repeat of what everyone else is talking about, and what you'll be discovering is a completely new way to protect, insulate and expand your wealth and income. (FYI, this is NOT a bunch of workbooks, CDs and DVDs you get to have and take home this is a complete WEALTH AND INCOME BLUEPRINT presented, learned and assimilated by those that attend)

Will it be a typical, impersonal large event, where I'm just a number in a large seminar room?

Absolutely not. It will be a small group of less than 10 investors who will be allowed to attend.
I do end up rejecting many applicants (even if they want to pay the enrollment fee), who are not serious investors or are "tire kickers", not serious about making large returns, large incomes and large cash flows a consistent part of their lives.
This will be an intimate, high-impact intensive experience, that will lift you away from your day-to-day "juggling" of tasks, so you can finally think strategically, for a full day, about how to effectively use multi-family to differentiate your investment results from everyone else’s.

Why is this event so timely and crucial that I attend?

Simple facts: the trends right now speak for themselves. We are a RENTER NATION AND I BELIEVE that will continue to demand more and more apartment units. We are also an INVESTOR NATION where more and more investors will want to own and tap into owning their own multi-family communities in much the way we will. This two pronged demand means out of this world income and profits for those that own multi-family.
In this new economy, you need to have a rock-solid growth strategy that not only gives you those enviable returns but also PROTECTS YOUR MONEY in so many ways from the ups and downs of the conventional markets to cyber criminals, politics, media and data leakage. At no other time has one investment solved so many problems.

How does your philosophy and approach differ from everyone else?

I truly operate a trust-based alternative. I won't chase you, I won’t try to sell to you, or do anything in any manner that would make you feel uncomfortable.
Come with an open mind and a willingness to observe, learn and profit.

What can I expect to learn and how will it unlock newer and more profitable investment opportunities?

You will learn sophisticated strategies to identify the ideal multi-family community to invest in.
You will discover how to invest in multi-family communities’ stress and hassle free. How to be an owner receiving all of the benefits as if you were working hard day after day and getting the income and returns AS IF you were burning the candle at both ends.
You will create income and wealth breakthroughs that will simply astound you.
You will have 100% clarity on how to invest and own your own multi-family community with less risk and worry than you ever thought possible.
(Above is only a very small sampling of the transformation you'll experience at the Summit)

Will I be pressured to sign up for something, invest or buy something if I attend?

There is absolutely no sales offer at the end of the Summit, that's my personal guarantee. I very strongly believe in investing in people and under no circumstances will any offer be made to you at, or after the Summit.
If at some point you would like to inquire about working with me, then it's up to you to mention this to me during our time together at the Summit. If at some point you would like to inquire about working with me and being involved as one of our apartment community owners and investors then it will be up to you to let me know.

Will there be networking opportunities with the Summit attendees?

Definitely, in fact, many of our attendees end up making friends and sharing information with other attendees with relationships that last years – all because of who they meet at the Summit.

I don't have the time now to commit to attending, why should I make this a priority?

If you're a non-profit investor and you have no interest in earning higher incomes and higher returns while insulating your risk, then you should not make this a priority.

If you have a flame burning inside of you with the feeling you are not reaching your TRUE investment potential, if you feel you are not fully monetizing your investment(s) with all of your years of hard-work and experience, then nothing is more important that you immediately attending the next Summit.

What people are saying about Darin Garman...

Owned 100 Apartment Units…Net Worth Grows and Grows…

“I own over 100 apartment units and over 70,000 feet of commercial investment property. The only guy that really knows how to make money out there is Darin Garman. The best thing that has happened to me in a long, long time is meeting Darin and working with him to build my real estate empire. Anyone that is serious about increasing their wealth, using real estate as one of the main investments in doing so, needs to be associated with Darin. You not only make a lot more money but you avoid many common and costly mistakes along the way. He is like a short cut to profitable commercial real estate investing.”

--Tony Tallman, Cresco, Iowa

My Life is A Lot Easier and Profitable – But I Was Skeptical!

“When Darin told me that I needed to be in this investment and that this property would be very profitable, I of course thought to myself, ‘Yeah, that is what everyone else says, too.’ But happily it turned out much different.Not only is property profiting almost twice as much as I thought it would, but the cash flow and tax savings make it a real winner. Of course, when Darin does ALL of the management for me, too, that makes my life a whole lot easier and profitable!”

--John Ianni, Garden City, NY

As Part Of His System, Darin negotiates prices less than appraised value…

“We worked with Darin to purchase 40 apartment units and found the process went very well. We found out that Darin helped us negotiate a price less than appraised value. As far as we’re concerned he’s the only “go to guy” in the market.”

–OPM, LLC, Marion, IA

Dramatic “Boost!”

I can honestly say, no one’s given a dramatic boost to my net worth, like Darin.”

-- Brad Miller, North Liberty, IA

No One Better!

“No one works with investors better than Darin Garman. He seeks out ways to make the best deal for his client. And believe me, these deals work and work wonderfully.”

--Bernard Lake, New Orleans, LA

Fantastic Cash Flow!

“We have purchased several apartment properties with Darin’s expert help. The sales were always handled efficiently. We also used his assistance to purchase a 105 unit building and we had to get out of state financing which Darin played a major part in getting that to work out. The result? A fantastic cash flow and investment base for us. We will continue to use Darin again in purchasing more investment real estate and would recommend others use him as well.”

--Bill and Donna Frese, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

“We Look Forward to the Next Deal with Darin!”

“Not being familiar with the commercial investment real estate market, we needed someone that could get us into a great long-term apartment deal without worrying about getting “stuck” with a bad apartment property or making a mistake that could cost us thousands of dollars. Darin was recommended to us and in no time found the right property for my mother. Look forward to the benefits of this great apartment property and to working with Darin on our next deal.”

--Gary Cummings, San Diego, CA

“I look for honesty, sincerity, and ability to relate to where I was coming from ...Darin ranks above all!”

“There are a lot of good brokers and consultants and there are a few GREAT ones! I’ve worked with many through my business. I have many opinions when it comes to choosing a broker or consultant. I look for honesty, sincerity, and the ability to relate to where I was coming from and above all, what commitments do they have to their community, friends and most importantly their family. Darin ranks above all in these qualities. Darin is not only a great investment real estate guy and consultant, he’s a great person. Darin gets the job done efficiently and I put my complete trust in his abilities.”

--Kyle Vondracek, Des Moines, IA

Best Investment Decision I’ve Made!

“Of all the ‘EXPERTS’ out there, I wanted to make sure that I was teamed up with a guy that had experience (good and bad) with commercial real estate and did not just talk but could walk the walk, too. Darin brought both to the table and it has turned out to be the best commercial real estate decision that I have made! Keep the profits coming, Darin!”

-- Lew Richardson, DDS, San Diego, CA

“Just got back from three-week vacation…financed by proceeds!”

“The Garman Team is awesome! I just got back form a three-week vacation financed by some of the proceeds. Good Job!”

--Rondy Roy, Cedar Rapids, IA

Helps Physician with Complexity…

“Darin Garman helped me with a complex estate settlement. His attention to detail was remarkable, his advice sound and his approach flexible. I not only recommend him, I plan on using him again!”

--Dr. Blaine Houmes M.D., Cedar Rapids, IA

Worried Investor Turns Advocate!

“Being from out of state and not knowing the market can make most people lay awake at night worrying. Lets just say when you have Darin Garman on your side of the table and partnering with you on the property purchases you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Not only am I kept up to date with the properties progress, but I can check out how well it is doing any time I want.”

--Gene Kelly, Napa, CA

No-Nonsense Approach to a real estate purchase or sale, is a godsend!

“Darin’s organized, concise, no-nonsense approach to a real estate purchase or sale is a godsend in a profession cluttered with people who do not know what or how to do what they are paid to do. Darin’s sense of “what’s right” allows him to to do the job admirably.”

-- Ernest J. Eickelberg, Cedar Rapids, IA

“Our group won’t consider working with anyone else in this marketplace...”

“Our company’s satisfaction with Darin during a recent closing was beyond reproach. Due diligence was the difference between failure and success. Darin’s stick-to-it attitude made the difference. Our company will not consider working with anyone else in this marketplace. Mr. Garman was the difference.”

--W Group LLC, Coralville, IA

Enter your details below (click on "coming soon") and get your INVITATION and join me in March!...

The SEVENTH Multi-Family Investment Summit – Coming Soon!
(Enter your details in Part 1 and Part 2 below click on "coming soon" to sign up to the waiting list)

($1,500 Enrollment and Access Fee Waived If Your Application Is Accepted - No Fee To Apply. Apply Now (Click on "Coming Soon" To Reserve Your Spot!)
Only 10 investors will be accepted. Nothing will be sold at this event. Click On "Coming Soon" to register for the March 24, 2023 Event.